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An investment in girls is an investment in the future.

Baby Steps Towards Success | Merna Ramadan, 19, studies philosophy at the Faculty of Arts. She is a graduate of WoEgypt’s Dreams of the Girls Program.

Since she was a little girl, Merna had big passion for fashion, and she aspired to become a fashion designer. A self taught, she started designing fashion as a hobby. With the help of YouTube tutorial videos, she improved her skills and learned how to illustrate and style fashion. 

Merna’s family is her biggest supporter. Despite her conservative society, her parents encouraged her to attend fashion courses in Alexandria. Barely 16, Merna traveled by train alone from Beheira where she lives, to go to her classes in the big city. An adventure, Merna is very proud of. She also launched a page on Facebook to show her designs. 

Participating in the self development sessions, presented by Dr. Souad Aref, through Dreams of the Girls program, helped Mirna to identify her dream, build her self confidence and encouraged her to continue on the path she had started, and to pursue a dream she never believed that one day it may be attainable. 

After graduating from Dreams of the Girls Program, Al-Watan newspaper had an interview with Mirna. ONtvLIVE also featured her. This exposure increased her enthusiasm and determination to continue on the path she set for herself.

Merna's Dream is to study an advanced fashion design course at the Italian Fashion Academy in Cairo. To obtain her dream diploma, Merna has to study design, pattern making, draping, styling and computer design. The diploma costs USD 3,500.                                                            


Designs by Merna Ramadan 


Your generous donation will fund the scholarship to help Merna fulfill a dream she may not otherwise be able to afford. This is your opportunity to change her future. Please consider supporting Dreams of the Girls initiative by donating to the cause.

On behalf of the girls in Egypt, we thank you in advance; with gratitude and appreciation.

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