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The poster is about Writing Contest for Children. On the photo appears a boy and a girl. The girl is writing in a copybook and the boy is holding the pencil and thinking.

WoEgypt launched a writing contest for Egyptian children all over the world between the ages of 3 and 16. The contest aimed to discover and celebrate Egyptian children’s creative writing, in English or Arabic, and to get them excited about reading and writing by encouraging them no matter what their background, education, or lack thereof.

The image is of a silver chain bracelet with a heart pendant. Written on the image: Competition for Jewlery Designers

WoEgypt and Global Project Partners joined hands to support women empowerment and gender equality, and promote their safety and rights, through designing a unique handmade bracelet. Jewelry designers all over Egypt were called to take part in a competition with their best designs of a unique handmade bracelet to heighten awareness for eliminating violence against women and girls in the World.

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