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Building a Better Future for Women & Girls 


Women of Egypt At Crossroads 

We have many and time-tested tools in our “tool box”, and an amazing, dedicated, and talented team of volunteers. Through their tireless efforts, we have become an effective and formative grass-roots movement with almost a million followers world-wide. But as we grow and engage in more and more activities and campaigns, the burden of sustaining our work strictly on a volunteer basis, is becoming increasingly difficult to bear. 

To that end, we seek sponsors and donors to help us sustain our activities. Generous donations from members like you and corporate sponsorships help us cover our operating budget, sustain our activities.


Your gift of USD 55.00 will help us to:

1- Continue with our on-going campaigns in support of many issues and causes. 

2- Continue and expand our activities in mentoring  and training of the  “Dream Girls”.

3- Strengthen women empowerment and advance gender equality. 

Thank You 

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