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Creating the Next Generation of Women Empowerment

We visualize Women Empowerment being a temple supported by four pillars:

1) Equality,

2) Opportunity,

3) Education and

4) Safety/Security.


We focus on all four pillars on everything we do. For millennia, women around the world, especially in Middle-Eastern cultures, have been shut out and deprived of almost all opportunities in the workplace and society in general. Rigid and tall barriers have been erected around them to keep them inferior and under control. This must change by promoting and advocating program that improve access to markets and services for women and youth.


Equality and Opportunity

Inequality at home, in the workplace and under the law has been synonymous with females for millennia. This is, perhaps, the greatest unjust and immoral practice inflicted against women. We will not rest till gender equality for all is achieved. We began by boosting morale and shining a light on successful stories of hard-working women who have risen against all challenges, those who have broken the social barriers and taboos and have created their own opportunities. Since our creation, we have featured thousands of Egyptian women who have distinguished themselves as workers, professionals, artists, gymnasts and athletes, academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Moreover, we bring into focus and raise awareness about the main social issues from which women suffer and which hinder their growth. We make them aware of the discrimination against them with the objective to challenge them to think, assess their own situation and act. We offer a safe medium to voice their concerns and express their thoughts. We have been empowering Egyptian women and reshaping their future opportunities, one post at a time.


Education is another essential pillar of Women Empowerment. To become contributing and productive members, financially independent, and have a sense of worthiness and self-esteem, women should be provided with the opportunities and the means to education and training, so that they reach their ultimate potential personally, professionally and socially. Particular attention is given to educating and training young girls. They are the future of Egyptian society. While Egypt offers a large number of post-secondary academic programs, it lacks in both institutions and programs that offer vocational educational and training (VET) that emphasizes knowledge and skills needed for a specific trade, craft or job function. VET works as a bridge connecting theoretical education with the real working environment. We are committed to advocating and promoting VET as an engine of personal and economic growth for all Egyptians, especially women and girls.

Dreams of the Girls

Girls have the potential to change the world. Support them. Encourage them. Believe in them. Today's empowered girls are tomorrow’s workers, mothers, entrepreneurs, mentors, household heads and political leaders. Believe in their dreams. One of our most successful and inspiring campaigns was the Dreams of the Girls Campaign aimed to highlight the achievement of brilliant young girls under the age of 18, and to support them by sharing their ventures with the world. The campaign also provided the girls with free workshops to improve their personal and leadership skills and build their self-confidence.

Safety and Security

One of the pillars of Women Empowerment is Safety and Security. If women aren’t safe and have not a sense of security in their home, workplace, and society in general, they are unable to focus on anything else. Domestic violence, bullying, child trafficking, sextortion and other violent and demeaning acts and practices against women and girls must be stamped out.

Your Digital Safety Matters to Us

Cybercrime, also known as computer crime, is an act, using a computer or smart phone as an instrument, to steal identities, commit fraud, cyber extortion (the most common crime being sextortion), cyberbullying, online impersonation, trafficking in child pornography and many other despicable acts. Cybercrimes mutate constantly and the public needs not only be aware of the threat but remain informed and vigilant. While the targets of cybercrimes range from governments, and large multinational corporations, to the most vulnerable in our society, the young and the very old, we focus on fighting cybercrimes against women and girls, and, more specifically, fighting Sextortion. We conduct campaigns that aim at 1. Informing women and girls of the potential dangers stemming from cybercrimes; 2. How to recognize these threats, and avoid them; and 3. What to do should you become a victim. Our goal is to help women and girls to learn to protect themselves against cybercrimes, seek help and fight back. The core messages of the campaigns are “You are not Alone” and “There is Help”.


The media exposure we provide to women not only highlights the activities of these women, it acts as a connectivity and networking tool for educational and business opportunities open to all who follow us on a daily basis. WoEgypt has become a credible and reputable source of information and news about Egyptian women sought by printed and electronic media, learning and research centers, international organizations and NGOs in Egypt and beyond. And through this global reach we aim at changing the negative image of how the West perceives Egyptian women. Capitalizing on the growing powers of social media and cyber connectivity, and using them as our platform, we pride ourselves that WoEgypt is a Green Advocacy movement which is also managed and operated online one hundred percent by using Remote Working models. Through our digital platforms, our message travels far and fast. It crosses borders and reaches all corners of the globe. And perhaps the most effective tool in our tool box is the Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns we conduct. While the four-pillar temple is the structure that holds together our Women Empowerment movement, the advocacy and awareness campaigns are the tool that enable us to transmit and sustain our message and help shape its success.


Most programs of women empowerment and gender equality around the globe focus on policy changes. While this is an essential goal, policy changes alone will not bring long-term and lasting changes. Policies are mainly a political process. They can be abandoned or reversed. Worse, they are seldom enforced. Our strategic approach in achieving empowerment and equality is to do so by “institutionalizing a change in mind-set”. We are aiming at becoming an “Agent of Change” by promoting and advocating the four pillars through a deeply-rooted and long-lasting cultural change in mind-set. This change is the driving force to help empowering women. But this is a long and painstakingly approach that requires vision, commitment, persistence and also financial resources.

Become a Volunteer, Donate, Support the Cause & Be Part of the Change 



While most of the services we provide are free to Egyptian women, we offer programs and services for a fee to enable us sustain our initiative as we receive no government financial aid. We have an excellent track record in assisting and advising organizations and event planners in executing promotional events. We can help you with your awareness campaigns, media coverage of promoting your goods and services, highlighting your commitment to women empowerment among many other customized services.  With your financial support we not only assist you in implementing your business goals, you also become an important partner and “Assistant Agent of Change”

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