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Salma Mahmoud

Content Writer for Women of Egypt Network 

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My Story

I don’t live a bustling life or many exciting experiences. I love football because it’s the only way to survive in my family of football fans. I also love reading comics. They remind me of my father who bought them to me weekly when I was young. 

Writing is my passion. I love watching movies alone in theaters. My recent hobby is watching commercials and writing my own. Hopefully they will see the light one day. 

After graduating in 2017, from Faculty of Media, I worked as a journalist before shifting my career to content writing and e-marketing. It was challenging at the beginning.  l had to learn about various fields to write about, that l had no prior knowledge of. 

In time, my job became fun. It’s my little window to the world. Everyday at my desk I pretend I am a new character; I am Scarlett Johansson, but with glasses and a warm mug of coffee. In addition to my full time job, l am also a freelancer.

My journey with Women of Egypt started in 2017.  I wrote articles to vent my frustration at times when l was lonely. As an introvert suffering from social anxiety disorder, l couldn’t discuss controversial topics with others. 


But I eventually did. Writing took me on a self discovery journey. l embarked on several life experiences, along with women with diverse circumstances and ideologies. l learned about their sufferings. l also learned from their experiences everything that contributed to the person l am today, more daring and effective. 

My voice became loud, after I had spent my whole life trying to muffle it. Writing for Women of Egypt gave me even more life experience than professional ones.

With pride, l have become today  a team member of this great entity that helped me develop and self improve. Looking forward to continue our journey of growth together.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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