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Saod Arafa

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Her Story

Ms. Souad Arafa created an opportunity from her retirement to pursue her passion 


Former Human Resources Director at Khalda Petroleum, Souad Aref, believes that a retirement job means more than an extra paycheck, and a chance to pursue a long-kept dream.  Thus after her retirement, she decided to start a new adventure. With 32 years of experience, she knew she had a lot to offer. 


She identified her passion and pursued it. She began speaking at professional organization meetings on women empowerment, and encourage them to access political spheres, break the cycle of silence, and urge women and men to work together to achieve gender equality. 


Souad Aref is also offering HR consultancy for mid sized companies, focusing on sustainability. Moreover, she created and presented Management Skills for Young Learners Program with Women of Egypt Initiative, to empower girls and prepare them for the work place.

She is building a management YouTube channel where she will be launching soon.


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