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Radwa Hosny

Social Media Coordinator for Women of Egypt Network

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My Story

My relationship with feminism started before writing about Egyptian women's rights. Maybe after I realized I deserve to live a life with safety, dignity and freedom, despite the social roadblocks and the judgmental people I encounter and the setbacks l endure once in a while. 

Feminism taught me to be happy and to put myself first. It also showed my how to develop my personality on different levels; educationally, spiritually, mentally, psychologically and even financially. In other words, it taught me how to become an empowered woman, capable of empowering others, as I absolutely believe that empowered women empower women.

Thanks to feminism, I'm financially independent and strive to succeed in my career as a chemist and a content creator. l have many goals I have yet to achieve. 

Feminism has also taught me how my writings can influence people, and how to transform my writings into tangible reality that can help women and girls to understand their rights and to stand against social injustices. 

Being a feminist is the absolute truth behind every step I take in my life, small and big. Recently, l exerted a lot of effort to become a happier person, even if it meant defying some customs and traditions that restrict the lives and freedoms of girls in our society. And in doing so, I embarked on my solo travel experience. 

I addition, I got myself a new friend, my bicycle. Through solo traveling, riding my bike and other activities that I do on my own, I feel lucky to be a feminist. It gives me strength to pursue my dreams.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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